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Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty

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Poor people are already at high risk from climate-related shocks, including crop failures from reduced rainfall, spikes in food prices after extreme weather events, and increased incidence of diseases after heat waves and floods. Without rapid, inclusive and climate-smart development, together with emissions-reductions efforts that protect the poor, there could be more than 100 million additional people in poverty by 2030, particularly in Africa and South Asia. Learn more about the impact of climate change on poverty with the newly released "Shockwaves" report: http://wrld.bg/UjmVL *** Video Produced By: Check-in Film http://checkinfilms.com/
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Amina Adede (2 years ago)
hello i would like to creaate such a video ho wcan i kindly
mikhail tsimchanka (3 years ago)
Elliot Faminu (3 years ago)
We need to educate the Youth population of Africa, ...someday one of us will lead and champion this course politically and holistically.
Ryan Roga (3 years ago)
Yes, because heavens forbid there be fewer people with money for you to steal!
Brad Steeg (3 years ago)
"Long term climate change will exceed our adaptation capacity". Complete bullshit. I have a computer in my pocket. Computers hardly existed in 1930 and the ones that did were crude mechanical devices. My smartphone is more powerful than the most powerful supercomputers that existed in 1980. Imagine the kind of technology that will exist 85 years from now in 2100. Long term, climate change isn't even a minor bump in the road compared to our capacity to adapt.
Brad Steeg (3 years ago)
+3MonkeesInDenial what problem are you trying to solve? I'm concerned about adapting to climate change.
Brad Steeg (3 years ago)
+Andy Wynne You pointed to near term impacts. Not long term. Near term climate impacts are best addressed with emergency services, financial mitigation, and poverty reduction. Long term impacts will never materialize. 
Andy Wynne (3 years ago)
Brad, You do not get it - the poor are dying from climate change now. Lake Chad in NE Nigeria is only 5% the size it was in 1960. Climate change was the cause of Boko Haram. Similarly in US it was the poor that died and suffered from hurricane damage.

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